About Us !


  • Stimulate imagination for positive attitude in building the curriculum upto Class XII to encourage them through study, teaching and effective communication.
  • Is to produce cent percent result in U.P. Board Examination.
  • Is to set our goal to remove ignorance from the society and prepare children for achieving academic excellence and success in life.
  • Rashtra Bharti Public Inter College besides imparting knowledge in various disciplines, lays equal stress on physical education. The College has good facilities for sports and qualified teachers to provide specialized training to students in different sports and co-curriculum Activities as: N.S.S & N.C.C recognized by Government of India.
  • It provide National Scholorship to the students obtaining 75% marks and above it. The list of the students achieving National Scholorship Rs.6,000 is given below:
  1. Asheesh Kumar Singh
  2. Jitendra Kumar Pandey
  3. Sunder Mehto
  4. Km. Sarita Pandey
  5. Km. Kshama Tripathi
  6. Promod Kumar
  7. Km. Vinita Yadav
  8. Km. Sneha Pal
  9. Kajjan Pratap
  10. Abhishek Jorhi
  11. Ujala Singh
  12. Harshit Verma
  13. Amit Kumar Singh
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